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Sunmi provides solution with a wide selection of tools to meet your business needs. 

our best selling solutions


  • Grow your business with anti-complicated tools. V1S, V2, or V2 pro.
  • M2, V1s/V2, Sunmi Blink, T2, D2, T2 mini, K1, commonly used in Fast food, restaurant, coffee shop for ordering food and so on.


  • T2, T2S, T2Lite, d2mini, V1S, V2pro, L2, L2K, Handheld Scanner, Sunmi Blink, Handfree Scanner.\
  • Sunmi V2, P1, T2, T2 mini, k1 are commonly used in shopping malls, super markets, outdoor food markets, stores and others.


  • K2, K2mini, t2, sunmi blink.
  • Sunmi V2. Can be used by outdoor parking, recognize license plate number lisence record time, collect payments, provide receipts.


  • L2, L2k, m2max
  • Sunmi L2 is commonly used to check out, buy products from suppliers, pay online, check status.


  • Blink, k1, k2, k2mini


  • T2s, T2, V1S
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