Newland Mobile

Our SmartPOS terminals meet the latest security standards, combining sleek design, convenience and reliability. With an intuitive touchscreen, the latest generation device technology and a full range of state-of-the-art features, they provide a seamless customer experience at the point of interaction.

Newland Payment

Running a secure and efficient Linux operating system, our latest generation payment terminals offer a fast and user-friendly transaction experience at the point of interaction, facilitating card and mobile wallet payments in a wide variety of environments, from retail and hospitality to transportation and home delivery. Built to withstand intensive use in some of the most demanding acceptance scenarios, Newland NPT payment terminals are renowned for their robust ergonomics and intrinsic reliability.

Telpo Mobile

In the era of mobile payment, the Telpo Mobile POS series (portable Android POS M1, TPS390, TPS320, QR-code scanner TPS508, tablet POS TPS570, TPS575, traditional POS TPS300) is designated to empower mobile payment, mobile ordering, top-up, logistics, and other services.

Telpo Payment

As a professional leading smart payment terminal supplier with advanced biometric technology and rich biometric payment projects experience, Telpo has launched a series of Payment POS terminal(Smart EFTPOS TPS900, TPS300 and MPOS), Mini POS P8, biometric POS machines, and face payment terminals C9 with rich certificates include EMV1&2, PCI-PTS, contactless EMV level 1, Paywave, Paypass, Rupay, Russian Mir, PURE certificates, CE, FCC, BIS, Anatel, RoHS, etc.

Telpo Desktop

As the Smart cash registers providers, ECRs of Telpo are simple but powerful for retailers and restaurants.

Telpo Kiosk

Kiosk machine provides a mechanism for customers to process their own purchases from a retailer or get the service from service provider, which benefits for both customers and merchants.

Sunmi Mobile

Over the years, SUNMI mobile devices, being applicable to the retail, restaurant, logistics and manufacturing businesses, have helped business owners to accelerate their digital transformation in store operations.

Sunmi Payment

SUNMI provides you devices that can accept omnichannel payments – bank cards, QR codes and e-wallets, and also apply for coupon redemption, online order receiving and loyalty programs, thus making your day-to-day business more efficient.

Sunmi Desktop

The online and offline integration drives store owners to improve their operational efficiency and customer experience with solutions integrating various devices and smart systems.

Sunmi Kiosk

Being applicable to restaurants, retail stores, hotels and other sectors, our kiosks will improve your operational efficiency and digital transformation, let alone the convenience they will bring to your customers.