Frequently Asked Question

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For the Android OS on our products, it cannot be upgraded or updated.

This device or machine is suitable for those of you who own businesses such as restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, phone shops, computer stores, parking lots, and so on.

This device or machine can accept payments, especially QRIS. However, for payments such as debit cards, credit cards, and NFC, it is available on certain devices only.

You can find out by contacting our service contact through this link.

This device is equipped with a SIM card slot feature. The SIM card to be used should be an IOT type SIM card which can be obtained from a SIM card provider.

Regular Cleaning
  1. Turn off the POS machine and unplug the power cord and other cables.
  2. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the outer surface of the POS machine from dust, stains, or other dirt.
  3. Make sure not to use harsh or alcohol-based cleaning fluids as they may damage the surface of the machine.
Cable and Connector Maintenance
  1. Periodically check the power cable and other cables to ensure there is no damage or tearing.
  2. Ensure all cable connections and connectors are securely attached and not loose.
Touch Screen Maintenance (If Available)
  1. Clean the touch screen using a soft microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints or stuck dust.
  2. Make sure not to press the screen too hard as it may damage or scratch the screen surface.
Battery Maintenance (If Required):
  1. If the POS machine is equipped with a battery, make sure to follow the provided usage and maintenance guidelines.
  2. Perform battery charging cycles regularly to maintain optimal battery life.
  3. During use, it is recommended not to use it while charging.
Hardware Function Check
  1. Perform routine tests to ensure all hardware functions such as the printer, barcode scanner, and other additional devices are working properly.
  2. If any issues are found, contact technical support services here.