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PT. Putra Mandiri Informatika

Since PT. Putra Mandiri Informatika (PMI) was established, we have made a commitment to provide you with the best solutions to support your business to grow and develop continuously. In order to fulfill this commitment, we provide the best and latest devices that meet your needs.

Vision Mission


To become a provider of cashier and payment hardware devices that directly impact users, committed to continuous innovation and providing solutions that meet business needs and enhance customer experience.


Our mission is HEART,

H – Harmony
We are committed to creating a harmonious work environment, where each team member works solidly and supports each other, enabling effective collaboration and communication to achieve better results.

E – Excellence
Our commitment is to deliver outstanding quality products with a focus on innovation and high-quality standards, thereby meeting and even exceeding customer expectations.

A – Above
Our services are designed to surpass customer expectations by paying attention to detail, being responsive to customer needs, and providing exceptional experiences every time they interact with us.

R – Responsible
Our responsibility to customers, the environment, and society is reflected in our responsible business management, ensuring that every action and decision we make has a positive and accountable impact.

T – Trust
Trust is the foundation of our relationship with customers. We take pride in our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner, built through consistency in the quality of our products and services, as well as integrity in every interaction.

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