We offer a quality guarantee for the products we offer to ensure your satisfaction. With responsive customer service support, we are ready to provide the best solutions for all your needs.

Service Warranty

  1. Service Warranty applies to all products imported by PT. Putra Mandiri Informatika and is only valid within the territory of Indonesia.
  2. The Service Warranty has a duration of 1 year, starting from the date of purchase.
  3. If the product experiences any damage during the service warranty period, repair services will be provided without additional charges for repair services.
  4. Repairs can be carried out at service centers located in each city where PMI distributors operate in Indonesia. For further information, please contact the administration via the number 081908192298.
  5. The Service Warranty applies to damages caused by production failures, but does not apply under the following conditions:
    1. Damage due to user negligence such as improper use of electrical voltage, chemical contamination, damage from sharp objects, exposure to fire, etc.
    2. Damage due to natural disasters such as floods, fires, lightning, riots, accidents, etc.
    3. Damage caused by the entry of insects, rodents, or other animals.
    4. Modification of the machine by unauthorized parties other than the service center or partners of PT. Putra Mandiri Informatika.
    5. Improper installation or operation as per the provided instructions.
    6. Discrepancy in the Product/Model/Serial Number on the product with the invoice number or receipt.
    7. Damages such as scratches, rust, stains, or other defects arising from everyday use.
    8. Failure to provide proof of purchase or invoice and receipt such as delivery notes or BAST.
  6. Damage occurring within 7 days after receipt of the goods due to production or firmware issues, are eligible for product replacement.
Please ensure compliance with the above conditions when submitting a service warranty claim.