Social and Community Development

Social and Community Development at PT Putra Mandiri Informatika:

  1. Local Workforce Training and Development Program:
    • Implementing training and skills development programs for the local community, particularly in the field of information technology and the use of payment terminals.
  2. Partnership with the Local Community:
    • Collaborating with the local community to enhance the company’s social engagement and support community development initiatives, such as education, health, and environmental sustainability programs.
  3. Empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):
    • Supporting the growth and development of SMEs by providing affordable and supportive payment technology solutions for small and medium business owners.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives:
    • Implementing various corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as social assistance programs, volunteer activities, and support for sustainable community development projects.

Through these various programs and initiatives, PT Putra Mandiri Informatika is committed to making a positive contribution to social and community development, as well as strengthening relationships with the surrounding community and customers.