Employment, Health and Safety Practices

Environmental Practices at PT Putra Mandiri Informatika:

  1. Employment:
    • Ensuring the protection of every employee’s rights with principles of fairness, transparency, and equal job opportunities.
    • Providing a healthy, safe work environment, and prioritizing employee welfare.
  2. Health and Occupational Safety (K3):
    • Maintaining the health and safety of the work environment to enhance productivity and work quality.
    • Creating a workplace free from the risks of accidents and work-related illnesses.
    • Identifying risks, assessing their impacts, and allocating budgets for an effective Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS).

With a focus on responsible environmental practices, PT Putra Mandiri Informatika is committed to maintaining environmental sustainability while continuing to provide innovative and efficient payment terminal and POS software solutions for customers.